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New Designed Good Looking Quality 1325 CNC Router for Sale with 3 Years Warranty

This 1325 CNC router is our new designed product,which has a beautiful appearance and best quality.Machine bed is welded by 8mm-thickness steel tube,net weight is 1500kg.We use original HIWIN or PMI rail and high-quality rack to keep high accuracy.

  • ERM1325
  • Eastrise

New Designed Good Looking Quality 1325 CNC Router for Sale with 3 Years Warranty

1325 13002500mm 4'X8' Cnc Router for sale with affordable price (0)

Application of 1325 Cnc Router Made in China

This machine can cut and carve relife(sculpture) on most of nonmetal like wood,MDF,acrylic,PVC,plastic and so on.

It can make craft,photo frame,guitar,room door.....

Some customers use it to make furniture like cabinet door and cabinet body,but they need to change bits again and again,so it will be complicated.

In this case,we recommend furniture cnc router with auto loading and unloading device.

If you feel price high,you can choose ATC(auto tool changer) cnc router instead.

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Features of 1325 Cnc Router Made in China

1. Our machine bed is made of 8mm-thickness steel tube.Weight is up to 1500kg,very strong and stable.When spindle cut material,there is no vibration.This is one of the reasons leading to high precision.
4x8 cnc wood router (1)

2.French Schneider leakage protector and AC contactor.

A famous brand of electronic components in the world,high quality,not easy to be broken,Lifetime can be up to 10 years.

4x8 cnc wood router (3)

3.High flexible shielded wire.

The layout of electric wire,air pipe,singal wire is very clear,in different levels,which can avoid singal interference and wire winding.Breakdown can be found soon.

High resistance to bending,lifetime can be up to 18 years

4x8 cnc wood router (2)

4.Tidy terminals of electric wires and singal wires with tags.Failure can be detected fast.And if you want to change some electronic components like motor or driver,you can find the corresponding connection easily.

4x8 cnc wood router (5)

5.RichAuto DSP controller

An off-line controller,no need to connect with computer.It gets G code by U disk.Very easy to operate.If you use rotary axis,we can upgrade A11 3-axis model to A18 4-axis.

4x8 cnc wood router (7)

6.Lubrication system

Normal machine oil is suitable.It will be transported to machine parts like rail,ball screw to lubricate them.You can spray oil one time every week to extend machine parts lifetime.

4x8 cnc wood router (10)

4x8 cnc wood router (11)

7.Cooling fan for lowing the temperature of electromic components.

4x8 cnc wood router (8)

Technical parameters of 1325 Cnc Router Made in China

Working size


Max feeding height


Max traveling speed


Tool diameter

¢3.175、¢4 、¢6、8¢12.7


Rack and opinion

Software environment


Spindle power


Power without spindle




Recognizing language

G code(nc)、mmg、plt、eng、dxf

Spindle speed


Control system

NC studio/DSP/Mach3


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Feedback from customer

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