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  • How to make office furniture by CNC woodworking machine

    How to make office furniture by CNC woodworking machine

  • What should we do if the kerf of laser cutting machine is too wide?

    1. First of all, we should check whether the focal length of the fiber laser cutting machine is correct. The form of adjusting the focal length of the fiber is manual and automatic. Manual focusing is easily forgotten by technicians. Especially after changing or cleaning the lens, the focal length s

  • The Advantages of Laser Cleaning Machine

    With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and safety, there will be fewer and fewer chemicals that can be used for industrial cleaning. However, laser cleaning has the characteristics of non-contact, no thermal effect, no wear, and is suitable for all kinds of materials, which can so

  • How to get the maximum circles cutting quality in plasma cutting?

    Circle cutting demands precise motion control and circle cut quality will vary as the circle diameter approaches the thickness of the plate. In general, a circle that is equal in diameter to the thickness of the plate being cut is the minimum circle diameter possible. Cut quality will decrease marke

  • Cutting Characteristics Of Plasma Cutting Machine

    Cutting Characteristics

  • Installation of plasma cutting machine

    WHERE TO LOCATE YOUR PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE Before you unpack your machine, select the area where you will use your machine. There are no hard-and-fast rules for its location, but below are a few guidelines.1. There should be an area around the machine suitable for the length of job that you will

  • How to set oil lubrication pump of cnc router?

    This is oil lubrication pump,we need to pour machine oil into it.When the “LUB” green light is on, it is work time, range in 1-999 seconds. When the “INT”red light is on, it is a rest time, range in 1-999 minutes.If figures are 990,it means pump will spray oil every 990 minutes. Long press “SET” fo

  • How to select the laser cutting speed?

    Determine the cutting speed according to the cutting material and thickness. Appropriate cutting speed, can not only increase the cutting efficiency, but also improve cutting quality. Here is the influence of different cutting speed on cutting quality.The influence of larger feed speed on cutting qu

  • Coaxality adjustment between nozzle hole and laser beam of fiber laser cutting machine

    The step to adjust the toaxality between nozzle hole and laser beam is as follows:1) Paint inkpad (usually, the red is good) at the outlet end face of nozzle, bond the adhesive film at the outlet end face of nozzle. This is showed as the follow picture.

  • Maintenance of plasma cutting machine

    Maintenance of plasma cutting machine1. Assemble the torch correctlyInstall the cutting torch correctly and carefully, make sure that all parts are well matched, and ensure that the gas and cooling air flow. Install all the parts on a clean flannel to avoid dirt sticking to the parts. Add appropriat

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