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Engraving skills and application of CO2 laser machine on wood products

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Engraving and Cutting

CO2 laser machine has unique advantages in engraving, cutting and hollowing out of bamboo and wood gifts. It relies on burning wood surface at high temperature to leave marks, but when the temperature is too high, it will leave burnt marks.

Here are some tips for scorch-free engraving and cutting:

1. For wood cutting, you can choose a short focal length lens!

2. Cut with high-speed laser, there will be no burnt edge on the edge.

(Taping the area to be cut with tape before cutting will protect the surface and keep the wood clean!)

3. The harder and thicker the wood, the higher the output power needs to be.

4. Using the blowing system can improve the cutting quality! It reduces heat and eliminates smoke and dust. (Choose a machine with its own air blowing system to ensure quiet operation and optimize space.)

5. To prevent the wood from overheating, adjust the resolution to 300dpi: such a scanning beam is an ideal beam for engraving photos, complex patterns, and fine carvings.



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