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How to select the laser cutting speed?

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Determine the cutting speed according to the cutting material and thickness. Appropriate cutting speed, can not only increase the cutting efficiency, but also improve cutting quality. Here is the influence of different cutting speed on cutting quality.

The influence of larger feed speed on cutting quality:

A large number of sparks appear on the surface, but the board can not completely be cut through; the cutting surface is much rough without slag.

As shown, because cutting feed speed is too larger, the board cannot be cut off, the cutting cross section is inclined to strip, and the lower part of the slag is produced.

laser cutting speed

The influence of slow feed speed to the cutting quality:

There will be a melting phenomenon; cutting section is much rough;

The kerf will be wider, happen a large area of melting in smaller rounded corners or sharp corners, which can not get the ideal cutting result;

Reduce production capacity.

The selection of cutting feed speed:

Judge whether the cutting feed speed is large or small according to of the cutting spark. Generally cutting spark splashes in the direction from the top down in the vertical plane. If the spark direction is inclining, which means the feed speed is too large; if the spark splashes non-proliferation and less, which means the feed speed is too small. Choose appropriate cutting speed, please refer to below figure. If cutting speed is appropriate, the surface cut is smooth, and there is no slag generated on the bottom. cutting sparks shape and position

laser cutting speed 2


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