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4040 400*400mm Economical Mould Making Machine, Metal Mould Cnc Router,Mould Engraving Machine with Affordable Price

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CNC Metal carving Machine ERJ4040E is an economicial type of mould making machine.Price is affordable.It can be equiped with servo motor or stepper motor according to customers request.
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4040 400*400mm Economical Mould Making Machine,Metal Mould Cnc Router,Mould Engraving Machine with Affordable Pricemould making machine (1)

Application of 4040 400*400mm Economical Mould Making Machine

This mold making CNC router is suitable to make molds and other things, such as metal molds, drop mould, clock parts, red copper electrodes, shoe molds, arts and crafts, jade products,Dental crown milling Jewelry and other molding etc. It’s easy for this machine to produce 2D or 3D relieves on various materials. It’s very suitable for batch processing of clocks, glasses, and fine molds. 

metal mould making machine

Advantages of 4040 400*400mm Economical Mould Making Machine

1. Machine tool assembly is performed strictly following the national standards for industrial machine tools. We have also set standards that is higher than national standards. To ensure the excellent quality, all the parts used for our machine tools are all imported or manufactured by domestic leading manufacturers. Standing aging and secondary precision inspection technology, before-delivery standard block processing test, and 24h stability test are launched to present the optimal quality of each set of machine tool.

2. Strictly complying with international standards for machine toots, the guide rails of our machine tools are fixed using the backer at one side and kxk block on the other side. The straightness and parallelism between guide rails both exceed the THK technological requirements, thereby obtaining excellent linear precision of the machine tool and ensuring the ultra- long service life of the guide rail. DouWe^end fixation and pre-stretching fixation are used to fix screws, with which the transmission rigidity of the machine tool has been substantially strengthened. This enables our machine tools to process ultrahard materials with a max hardness of HRC50, such as pre-hardened mold steel. Automatic mechanical lubrication pumps and a SLR system are used to lubricate various lubricating points. With favorabte lubrication, the service life of guide saews can reach over 3 years on average.

3. The machine tools we provide are compact both inside and outside, which means low land cost- PB/PQ series are integrated with a variety of parts and systems, such as cutting fluid circulation system, chip recycling system, spindle cooling system, which save the users from additional functional devices. The simple, elegant and international appearance design and compact and durable interior design have embodied Mikoni1 s ingenious enquiring mind and infinite respect for customers.

4. Adopt high-speed water cooling variable frequency motor ,big torque,strong cutting ,high-frequency ,long-lifetime,can be a long time continuous working.

metal engraving machine

Technical parameters



Working size


Max feeding height


Max traveling speed


Tool diameter

¢3.175、¢4 、¢6、¢8、¢12.7


High precision Ball screw

Software environment


Spindle power


Power without spindle




Recognizing language

G code(nc)、mmg、plt、eng、dxf

Spindle speed


Control system

NC studio/DSP/Mach3/Syntec


cnc router (1)


cnc router (3)


cnc router (4)

Feedback from customer

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