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1325 1530 2060 Metal Plasma Cutting Machine with Drill for Metal, Steel, SS, CS, MS

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ERP-1530D CNC Plasma Cutter is equiped with a drill head.It can not only cut metal but drill holes on metal as well.
  • ERP-1530D

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1325 1530 2060 Metal Plasma Cutting Machine with Drill for Metal, Steel, SS, CS, MS

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Description of Plasma Cutter with Drill

ERP-1530D plasma cutter can cut all kinds of metal like carbon steel,stainless steel,mild steel,aluminium,copper,bronze.Cutting thickness can be up to 35mm.This metal plasma cutter can be compatible with all kinds of plasma source like USA Hypertherm Powermax45 Powermax65 Powermax85 Powermax105 Powermax125 Powermax200 and Chinese Huayuan LGK63 LGK100 LGK120 LGK160 LGK200.

Features of Metal Cutting Machine

1.Greater cutting speed,more accurate control,smoother cutting surface,no deburring,no black and high quality hole cutting.

2.Stability and reliability of the optical system and the control system

3.Easy to use humanized design

4.High performance in terms of costs and low operating costs

5.High cutting efficiency, high quality and no noise. Small thermal zones, smooth cracks, no deformation, no post-processing required

6.The overall stepper motor uses a high precision rack and pinion to ensure that the CNC plasma system has a low, smooth and precise coordinate movement.

7.Excellent software compatibility such as Fastcam,Starcam

Advantage of Plasma Cutting Machine 

1.Plasma cutting torch combined with drill head.Because many customers want to drill holes before cutting metal down,we supply this solution.

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2.Heavy-duty machine bed made of 8mm-thickness square steel tubes.It can load very thick metal sheet up to 35mm.Loading capability is 2500kg.
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3.High quality Taiwan HIWIN guide rail can keep high cutting precision and ensure machine move smoothly.

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4.Humanized STARFIRE controller is easy to learn and operate and few error appears.

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5.Oil lubrication

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6.Mechanical limit

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Application Material: it is suitable for carbon steel, copper, iron, aluminum and galvanized sheet, titanium sheet,stainless steel and other metal sheet. 

Application industry: it is widely used for processing shells of machinery and electronic products, advertising signs, crafts, iron garden, car manufacture, boat building, electrical accessories, board cutting.

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