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Coaxality adjustment between nozzle hole and laser beam of fiber laser cutting machine

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The step to adjust the toaxality between nozzle hole and laser beam is as follows:

1) Paint inkpad (usually, the red is good) at the outlet end face of nozzle, bond the adhesive film at the outlet end face of nozzle. This is showed as the follow picture.


2) Punch manually using power from 10 to 20 watts.

3) Remove the adhesive film, pay attention to its direction in order to compare with the nozzle.

4) As a normal situation, there will be a black dot left on adhesive film that is formed by laser burning, if the deviation between nozzle hole and laser beam center is too large, there will be no black dot on adhesive film. (The laser beam is emitted to the wall of nozzle).


If the black dot is sometimes large and sometimes small, inspect whether the focusing lens is loosened.


Observe the deviation direction from the nozzle hole to the black dot, adjust the nozzle position.


5) Nozzle diameter

Nozzle hole size has a crucial influence on laser cutting and perforation quality.

If the nozzle diameter is too large, passing through the nozzle hole, melting slag formed in cutting maybe contaminate lenses. The larger hole is, the greater the chance contaminated is, and lens protection get weaker, reduce lens life.


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