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CNC Router Machine Maintenance

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CNC Router Machine Maintenance

1. The spindle  .

A,air cooling spindle.

If your spindle is air cooling ,you can do like this ,use Compressed air clean the Fan and the Air duct

cnc router machine (1)

cnc router machine (2)

B,Water cooling spindle.

If your spindle is water cooling ,you can do like this , The water in the spindle is blown out with compressed air.

cnc router machine (3)

2, Moving parts

A .slider and the ball screw.

After the machine works for some time, Moving parts need adequate lubrication.

cnc router machine (4)

Or like this

cnc router machine (5)

If you will not use the machine for a long time.

My advice: we had better apply grease to all bare parts of the guide rails and the ball screw. Please clean up first.

cnc router machine (6)

B: Check the belt.

cnc router machine (7)

Does the belt Worn out.

cnc router machine (8)

C, check the moving parts fix screw.

cnc router machine (9)

cnc router machine (10)

cnc router machine (11)


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