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How to do the maintenance of woodworking engraving machine

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How to do the maintenance of woodworking engraving machine

  1. Do not place the machine in a humid place, choose a well-ventilated place and not expose it to the sun.


2. Regular maintenance, cleaning of the lead screw, and frequent dripping of lubricating oil on the rotating parts and tracks to ensure that the machine can efficiently complete the rotating and moving tasks and reduce wear and tear.


3. Don't work on one side of the cnc router machine because you are used to it, which will cause the lead screw and guide rail to not be in contact with the beam for a long time and cannot be properly lubricated.

4. Before working every day, check whether the control box and machine lines are loose and whether there is a mixed line problem. Whether long-term use makes the wire sheath wear and cause leakage.


5. Because the engraving machine is a machine with a lot of dust at work, clean the gaps and dead corners of the machine at least once a week.

6. Do not place sundries, corrosive or magnetic substances that can interfere with the work of the machine on the table of the cnc router machine.

7. the power consumption of the engraving machine is generally relatively large, so it is necessary to configure a voltage stabilizer to ensure that the ground wire is grounded.

8. The computer connected to the machine should be used separately from the computer for network work, and the CD-ROM software should also use regular software as much as possible to avoid viruses attacking the computer and the machine and affecting the work.


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