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How to set oil lubrication pump of cnc router?

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This is oil lubrication pump,we need to pour machine oil into it.

cnc router oil lubrication pump

When the LUB green light is on, it is work time, range in 1-999 seconds.


When the INTred light is on, it is a rest time, range in 1-999 minutes.

If figures are 990,it means pump will spray oil every 990 minutes.


Long press SET for 3 seconds, when the digital on the display is flashing, press  or  to adjust the rest time. Press SET again, when the digital on the on the display is flashing, press  or  to adjust the lubrication time.

After it is correct settings, press SET for 3 seconds, electric pump will work under the new set- up time.

cnc router oil lubrication pump

The purpose of spraying oil is to lubricate rail of cnc router, but if spray to much oil, oil will leak out to table.

Besides spraying, we also need to clean the wood dust on rail regularly, otherwise wood dust will damage rail block.


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