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1325 1530 Double Spindles Stone Marble Granite Quartz Cnc Router for Sale

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ERS1325S2 is a standard cnc router for stone with two independent 5.5kw spindle.It can process two products at the same time to save time.The distance between spindles can be changed by controller to suit different size of stone.
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1325 1530 Double Spindles Stone Marble Granite Quartz Cnc Router for Sale

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Double spindles stone cnc router features

1, Double spindles stone cnc router: in the same pattern can be double spindle work at the same time, greatly improving the processing speed of the plate, the same time to complete the work efficiency of the two devices, in some cases where the processing volume is not large, but also to achieve a single spindle to work independently, effective and reasonable control of production costs.

2, Double spindles stone cnc router batch processing, product consistency, high quality.

3、Double spindles stone cnc router overall steel structure welding tempering aging treatment, solid and not deformed. Gantry type mobile, fixed worktable, can be arbitrary processing of materials on the worktable surface.

4、Double spindles stone cnc router tool Y-axis adopts rack and pinion double drive, can carry out heavy cutting.

5、Using embedded DSP numerical control system or PCI control card, it can realise the function of renewing carving at broken point and memory of power failure, and it can realise completely offline operation.

Stone Quartz Cnc Router Advantages

1.Heavy-duty machine bed was welded of 8mm-thinkness steel tube and tempered by high temperature treatment.

2.Dust-proof cover for XYZ axis,which can prevent small stone dust from polluting rail and rack to keep high working precision for a long time.

3.Dust-proof and water proof 5.5kw big power spindle can work for 24 hours per day to make complicated patterns,letters,relief on stone.

4.Big power stepper motor and driver for XYZ axis to keep machine run fast and smoothly.

Details Of Double spindles stone cnc router:

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The Spindle of  Double spindles stone cnc router

stone cnc router

The table of Double spindles stone cnc router

stone cnc router

Rotary Device for Double spindles stone cnc router

stone cnc router

CNC Stone Carving Machine Applications 

construction industry, designs, manufactures and shapes constructions from marble, granite, quartz rocks, stones and decorating materials

Stone CNC machine can be used for line cutting,2D engraving,3D cargraving, 3D relief,milling,cutting,drilling,etc.

Applicable Materials of Stone CNC Router

Stone, marble, granite, black stone, blue stone, jade, glass, glass, plexiglass tiles, ceramic tiles, plastic, chemical compound boards, PVC boards, bamboo products, aluminum boards, metal, etc.

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Tombstone CNC router project

Advantage of 1325 1530 Double Spindles Stone Cnc Router

1.Machine structure is very heavy,more than 1500kg.So there is no any vibration during working.

2.X,Y axis adopted high precision,famous brand and high quality rack and gear transmission,it is widely touched the gear with high precision,high speed and high torque.

3.DSP controller is very easy to learn.Most customers can learn it well within 2 hours.

4.Breaking point memory function in case of sudden power cut.Controller can continue working from breaking point when electricity power recover,so it can save many time if we use this some area which doesnt have stable electricity power.

5.Big power water pump can supply big water flow to cool carving bit well,so bit will have a longer lifetime to save money.

Technical parameters



Working size


Max feeding height


Max traveling speed


Tool diameter

¢3.175、¢4 、¢6、¢8、¢12.7


Rack and opinion

Software environment


Spindle power


Power without spindle




Recognizing language

G code(nc)、mmg、plt、eng、dxf

Spindle speed


Control system

NC studio/DSP/Mach3


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Feedback from customer

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