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How to make office furniture by CNC woodworking machine

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How to make office furniture by CNC woodworking machine

furniture making

For instance,we want to make a wooden stool.We only need 4 steps.

Step1:Designing the stool on computer by software,like Haixun,the most famous one in China.We design it and convert drawings to NC code. 

Step2:Transfer NC code to ATC CNC router by USB flash drive.ATC means auto tool changer.So this machine can change tools automatically,very fast and easy.No need to change tools by hand.We just need to put material sheet at correct place on table and press "Start",then we can get semi-finished workpieces in a few minutes.

Step3:Side hole drilling machine will help us drill the side holes fastly and easily.

Step4:Assemble the semi-finished workpieces by joints.


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