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How to install gantry

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How to install gantry ?

If you bought a cnc router machine, its width more than the container after finishing, supplier need to remove the gantry.

How to install gantry when we get the cnc router ? I will show you step by step.


cnc router (1)

cnc router (4)

Step 2

cnc router (5)

Please slowly, do not damage the slider.

cnc router (6)

cnc router (7)

Step 3

cnc router (8)

cnc router (9)

,Please check is it the belt is loose or which driver is alarming(most of the problem is belt)?

cnc router (10)

2. If the belt is ok or you have fixed it ,still have the problem ,please do like this ,

the following steps..

cnc router (3)

cnc router (17)

cnc router (18)

cnc router (19)

cnc router (20)

cnc router (21)

Ok ,then test the diagonal again .



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