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Richauto DSP A18 4-Axis CNC Controller USB Linkage Motion Control System, Suitable For Cnc Router Cnc Engraving Machine

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                                                          Richauto DSP A18 4-Axis CNC Controller

Description of DSP A18E / A18S  controller

1. This is the original brand: RichAuto 

2. DSP controller of cnc router, USB connection can be used without a computer 

3. Suitable for four-axis 

4. Apply for a four-axis CNC machine tool 

5. We have set up the English version before delivery 

6. Manuals and software can be sent by mail RichAuto A18 DSP controller includes two versions, A18E and A18S. The process and its system are the same. It can set the language in DSP by itself. The only difference is: The surface of the handle of A18E is English words without Chinese. There are Chinese and English words on the surface of the handle of A18S.

Richauto-DSP-A18-4-Axis-CNC-Controller-USB-Linkage-Motion-Control-System-Suitable-For-Cnc-Router (5)

Richauto-DSP-A18-4-Axis-CNC-Controller-USB-Linkage-Motion-Control-System-Suitable-For-Cnc-Router (4)

◆ Support multi-cylinder control mode

◆ Recognize T command to realize automatic switch of cutter head

◆ Support simultaneous processing of multiple cutter heads

◆ The number of cutter heads can be customized according to actual needs

◆ Easy to install and debug

◆ Simple processing definition, convenient operation

◆ Automatic conversion of cutter head spacing to ensure multiple cutter heads

◆ Use a workpiece coordinate system

Richauto-DSP-A18-4-Axis-CNC-Controller-USB-Linkage-Motion-Control-System-Suitable-For-Cnc-Router (7)

Richauto-DSP-A18-4-Axis-CNC-Controller-USB-Linkage-Motion-Control-System-Suitable-For-Cnc-Router (6)

Richauto-DSP-A18-4-Axis-CNC-Controller-USB-Linkage-Motion-Control-System-Suitable-For-Cnc-Router (8)

◆Using 8-core processor CPU, faster computing speed and stronger processing capacity

◆ 16-key operation mode, comfortable handheld terminal, easy to learn and use, simple and fast

◆ Complete offline operation, multiple mobile storage methods: 512M body memory, support Support large-capacity mobile storage device to read.

◆ It is more intelligent in the way of pre-reading processing files. For new processing files, only

◆ Pre-reading during the first processing, and as needed during the pre-reading process You can skip the check to save time.

◆ Support power-off recovery and power-off processing.

◆ With parameter backup and parameter recovery functions, parameters and processing files are partitioned Store, effectively prevent the loss of important parameters.

◆ Added safety warning and system abnormal prompt functions.

◆ It is widely used in the system control of processing equipment such as Buddha statues, stair columns, sofas, and table legs.

Richauto-DSP-A18-4-Axis-CNC-Controller-USB-Linkage-Motion-Control-System-Suitable-For-Cnc-Router (9)

Compatible with G codes generated by TYPE3, ARTCAM, UG, PRO/EMASTERCAM, Wentai and other software

Richauto-DSP-A18-4-Axis-CNC-Controller-USB-Linkage-Motion-Control-System-Suitable-For-Cnc-Router (10)

Richauto-DSP-A18-4-Axis-CNC-Controller-USB-Linkage-Motion-Control-System-Suitable-For-Cnc-Router (11)

Product Number RichAuto-A18 Processor DSP Built-in memory 512M Display 128x64 monochrome LCD Communication port U disk/usb data cable Number of linkage axes: 4 axes Control signal: differential signal Drive system: stepper/servo motor Minimum input unit: 0.001mm Power-down protection function: support Power-off processing function: 8 External power supply voltage: 24V DC Manual mode: continuous/inching/distance Interpolation method: straight line/arc Soft/hard limit: support Maximum pulse frequency: 1Mhz Password protection: support Support language: Simplified/Traditional Chinese English Others can be customized Standard configuration: 1 handle controller/usb data line 1/50-pin data line 1/8 input and 8 output wiring board 1/data CD



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