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Comparison between vacuum suction table and T slot clamp table on CNC router

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Comparison between vacuum suction table and T slot clamp table on CNC router

As you know,there are 2 kinds of tables on cnc routers,one is vacuum table,the other is T slot table.

How to choose tables when we buy cnc routers?Let me introduce the features of them:

cnc router with t slot tablecnc router with vacuum table

T-slot clamp table

You can see the T slot table is combined with a thick layer of PVC and T slot aluminium.If your table is not flat,you can use Cleaning Bottom Bit to mill it to let it become flat.T-slot table uses screws and clamps to hold materials on table like the photo below.

t slot clamp

You need to install the clamps by hand,it will take you several minutes.But t slot calmp table doesnt need to be connected with vacuum pump,which needs  5.5kw power for 1300x2500mm working area.As you know,if sometimes we carve complicated relief on material,it will take many hours,so it will be a big waste of electricity power with vacuum pump.

And if your material is not flat,vacuum table cannot absorb it,then we can only use T slot clamp to hold.Before we put materials on table,we need to put a wood sheet on table.If you make holowing products,you need to cut through your material,if without the wood sheet,cutting bit will damage the PVC on table.

Vacuum suction table

vacuum suction table

Vacuum table is easy to absorb flat materials and only needs several seconds.After you turn on the valves,the vacuum pump will exhaust the air under the material.Then atmosphere pressure will press the material on table firmly.No need to install T slot clamps,so it will save time.And if you cut large-size material with T slot clamps like 2000x3000mm or 2000x4000mm,the center of the material will be far away from the clamps.So during being cutting,it will generate vibration and cutting effect will not be good.

Generally speaking,vacuum table has 4~6 vacuum zones controlled by 4~6 valves.

If your material is not big,you can use one or two vacuum zones of them.Every vacuum zone has one vacuum hole,it connect with vacuum pump through vacuum pipe under vacuum table.

vacuum pipe under table

vacuum pump for cnc router

T-slot and vacuum combined table

It has the advantages of both T-slot table and vacuum table.

t slot and vacuum combined table

In our opinion,if you use standard 1325 cnc router (1300*2500mm) or 1530 cnc router (1500*3000mm),we recommend T-slot clamp table.If you use 2030 cnc router (2000*3000mm) or 2040 cnc router (2000*4000mm),we recommend T-slot and vacuum combined table.


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