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Big Size Gantry Metal Steel SS CS MS Plasma Cutting Machine

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Gantry plasma Cutting Machine is a new product which launched by us in 2012. It has features of compact size, light weight,complete functions,and big effective cutting size. It enjoys all functions of traditional heavy duty gantry CNC cutting machines.
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Big Size Gantry Metal Steel SS CS MS Plasma Cutting Machine 

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Features of Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

1. Thickened square tube welded structure with guide rail imported from Taiwan to ensure the speed and precision

2. Hypertherm power supply with high sensitivity arc pressure controller. The automatic adjustment can automatically select the best distance between the plasma gun and the workpiece to ensure high cutting precision.

3. CNC plasma cutting for aluminum, stainless steel using STARFIRE control system with FastCAM software for automatic material saving function, large capacity storage function, convenient reading and processing. .

4. The cutting head with cooling system can quickly cool the material surface to avoid burrs and residue.

5. General stepper motor with high precision rack and pinion to provide CNC plasma machine. The machine has low noise, smooth and precise coordinates for mobile performance.

6. Perfect compatibility of software such as Ucancam, Type 3, Artcum, etc.

Advantage of Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

>cutting faster, more accurate control, the cutting surface is more smooth, no glitches, no black; cutting holes in high quality

>Stability and reliability for light path system and control system

>Humanizing design, convenient operation

>High performance price ratio, low operating cost

>High cutting efficiency and quality, no noisy. Small heat influence area, cutting seam smooth and no deformation, post treatment is not needed

>The machine adopt Beijing START plasma control system, standard high sensitivity arc voltage device

>High precision stepper motor and driver, ensure the efficiency and accuracy, increasing the stability and reliability greatly

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Application of 1325 1530 Plasma And Flame Cutting Machine

Application Material: it is suitable for carbon steel, copper, iron, aluminum and galvanized sheet, titanium sheet,stainless steel and other metal sheet. 

Application industry: it is widely used for processing shells of machinery and electronic products, advertising signs, crafts, iron garden, car manufacture, boat building, electrical accessories, board cutting.

plasma cutting

Technical parameters



Working Area(X Y)

2000*6000mm 3000*8000mm

Power source

Hypertherm/Huayuan plasma power supply

Cutting Speed

0-16000 mm/min

Plasma Unit Max


Positioning accuracy



Untouched arc striking

Software support

FASTCAM plasma software

Instruction format

G code

Working table

Serrate working platform

Working pressure


Working voltage

3Phase 380V/60HZ

Machine dimension(L*W*H)



N./GW: 1500/1700KG

Files transfer

USB interface


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cnc router (3)


laser machine


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