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How to achieve kerf compensation in plasma cutting and what should be paid attention to?

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How to achieve kerf compensation in plasma cutting and what should be paid attention to?

plasma cutting machine with water tank (1)

With the development of science and technology, a series of cutting equipment such as plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine and flame cutting machine have emerged, but they all have a common disadvantage, that is, during the cutting process, the size of the cut workpiece will be larger than the actual size The size of the drawing should be 1mm smaller. In order to solve this problem, "kerf compensation" plays a crucial role.

In order to make up for the size difference caused by the kerf loss, it is necessary to compensate the geometric size. The compensation is divided into software compensation and numerical control system compensation. Their ultimate purpose is to offset the trajectory of the cutting machine, so that the kerf loss is formed after cutting. is exactly equal to the size of the programmed plot. In this way, it can be easily solved with nesting software. The nesting software only needs to input the programming parameters (compensation radius) for software compensation during programming, and the geometric dimensions are automatically offset according to the inner and outer contours when the NC code is generated. (Note that only closed contours can be compensated.) Offset commands (left compensation, right compensation, and close compensation, such as G41G42G40) can also be generated in the CNC code, so that the CNC system can continue to compensate according to the compensation offset direction. If the software compensation amount is set to 0, no compensation will be generated, but the compensation command still exists, which can be compensated by the CNC system during cutting.

The following points should also be noted when setting kerf compensation:

1. If you are not sure how much size should be compensated, you can cut a rectangle on the scrap, measure the actual size and the programmed size to calculate the required compensation amount.

2. After the software compensation is set, it is generally not necessary to compensate on the numerical control system, otherwise there will be deviations in the compensation of repeated dimensions. However, if the software compensation is still a little short after cutting, it can be compensated by the CNC system.


3. If the compensation is done by the numerical control system, the compensation amount should be set to zero in the software.

4. It is difficult for the CNC system to deal with the compensation of small arcs. If the arc is smaller than the compensation radius, it cannot be cut, and it cannot be compensated correctly (theoretically, the radius becomes a negative number). In this case, you should consider modifying the parts. Figure, or consider using software compensation to find problems in time.


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